Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What's Queen without her king ? Even more powerful...


After calling off the engagement, Rani is kicking asses. She has taken her father’s food business to new level also she is an insta queen with 100k plus followers and Rishats can’t stop pouring but Rani and her parents are just taking it easy.


Now let’s see what’s happening at Vijay’s home. Vijay’s mom is at her gossipy best and this time she is catching up with Pinky Bua

Vijay’s Mom- So much of Nakhra, my son was just nervous and he needed some time on his own and that girl should have understood this but no she came back from…. What it is called? Solo Trip ? Yes solo trip and threw the ring on my son’s face. Now she doesn’t even talk Seedhe Muh
Pinky Bua: Yes, yes I saw her in that deep neck top yesterday. Oh and also you should see her pictures on Facebook…
Mom- Oh yes, I did. She lived with four boys, don’t they have girls in Paris or what ?


Pinky Bua – She has started her own catering business, she makes Peeza, paastaa and what not.
Mom- Oh yes, but I can give you in writing that it would not work. Aise thode na business hota hai , Facebook pe
Pinky Bua Haath se nikli hui ladki hai ekdum, she says No to Rishtas . I swear she will have intercast love marriage, dekh lena
Mom- Tell me more. Did you see her with any boy?
Pinky Bua – Not really but lagta hai. Her rang dhang screams that
Mom- Now toh she drives her new car without that ‘L’ sign.
Pinky Bua- Uski Ma ke Nakhre aur hi hai…
Mom- What about her?
Pinky Bua- She says marriage can wait, she really needs to live her life and she is just out of a bad relationship and she is enjoying her life.
Mom- Huh, badi vo banti hai… What do you call it? Faminist. Menu ki, have Samsosa na…


Pinky Bua is again at Vijay’s place with yet another Rishta. The girl and Vijay are sitting at this cafe. 

Girl- So, is it true?
Vijay- What?
Girl- That you called off your wedding at the wedding day and left that poor girl and her family crying?


Vijay- Actually, No, she was the one who didn’t want to marry. She had those weird ideas of solo trips and start-ups. I even went to Paris to see and she was having fun with four guys.

Girl- Come on. It was you, everybody knows you ditched that girl after one London trip because you thought you were too good for her.
Vijay- No, She left me. Believe me, she left me
Girl- Well, in that case, Are you really that bad that she preferred solo trips over you? Goodbye dude.

Mom comes.

Vijay- Mom, She is a bit dark, I don’t want to marry her.
Mom- Yes, let it be. Mrs Sharma is coming with her daughter next week, unko bhi dekh lenge

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